21 febrero 2007

Saturday's Tears

Last saturday my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to perform a few songs in the little stage of an (even more) small cafeteria. The audience was not massive at all but it was a chance to feel the experience of singing and playing live. It was the first time ever for me to do a live performance singing. The very first song we performed was a meaningful piece titled Tears. The song is important to me in many ways, first of all because it was the first song my boyfriend played to me after our first dates, of course I relate the chords and sounds to that time and to those extremelly sweet moments we have lived. Besides the lyrics bring very pure and beautiful phrases that in the whole and indivivually I really love. For me Indovina's voice gives the song a line to draw up an atmospehre or a place to stay in which I can feel safe and comfortable. Is full of tender and delicate sounds that make me have the sensation I am listening to an ode to the feelings that you hide and burn you inside and the possibility of creating new places in which we can love freely.

"If only I could carry you away, If we really were all we need, we’d have to create another place that no one else has ever been, if only I could learn how to love as strong as the pain I feel, I could dry our tears"

Taken From Human Drama Official Website.

(Es curioso que hoy que es el Día Internacional de la Lengua Materna me haya puesto a escribir este breve texto en inglés para, pero como a fin de cuentas se intenta fomentar el pluriculturalismo lingüístico, me animo a publicarlo sin reservas por la posible crítica que pudiera suscitar.

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